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medium voltage drive medium voltage switch gear Engineering & Specification Services

Engineering Design and Specifications

From conception to creation, the team of engineers at EPIC Industrial have years of experience to provide the highest quality service possible. We will create detailed product specifications for all your electrical equipment to meet your specific application requirements.

  • Medium voltage switchgear

               Eaton, Sq. D, Siemens, and GE

  • Medium voltage motor control line-ups

               Eaton, A-B, Sq. D, Siemens, Toshiba, and GE

  • Medium voltage drive line-ups

               Eaton, Toshiba, A-B, ABB, Siemens, and GE

  • Medium voltage soft starter line-ups

               Eaton, A-B, Benshaw, Siemens, and GE

Specification Experience Including:

Call us for your engineering design needs.


  • Low voltage switchgear

               Eaton, Sq. D, Siemens, and GE

  • Low voltage switchboards

               Eaton, Sq. D, Siemens, and GE

  • Low voltage motor control centers

               Eaton, A-B, Sq. D, Siemens, and GE

  • Substation and padmount transformers

                ABB, Cooper, Virginia, Niagara, Pacific Crest, and    

                Brandon and Clark

  • Bus duct - segregated and non-segregated

                Eaton, Sq. D, Siemens, and GE

  • Low and medium voltage cables

  • Cable tray and supports

  • Industrial metal buildings - integrated with power and controls

  • UL508a industrial control panels

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  • Plot plans

  • Area classification

  • Grounding plans

  • Cable Schedules

  • Lighting plans

  • One line diagrams

  • Motor schematics

  • Installation details

  • Conduit / Cable Tray Routing Plans

  • Duct bank plans

I&E Drawing Packages: